Current wip

The latest is book 1 of 3 under the continuing Fantasy series, PORTALS. This one is tentatively titled LAMBYTH: In the Bubble; Volumes 2 and 3 are called KOR, & THE BIDDANITE respectively.

Watch for the synopsis coming to your screen! teaser

Meantime, here’s a teaser blurb:  A jaded earthman, an introverted, magic-laden princess, saucy Sorcerer-Wizard, and a wise old dragon team up to rid the universe of its evil Black Witches.  

* * * * * 

Or this one for my latest Regency Romance:   APE LEADER by E S Bedigian

*Regency Peer needing an heir and a spinster-in-the-making decide to marry, find love after first falling into disaster, where one or the other might die.

* * * * *

Try on these three for a stand-alone fantasy story: BEOWULF IN LONDON  by E S Bedigian

In Regency England, star-crossed lovers join the time-traveling mythological Hero-king      Beowulf to defeat his archenemy, a dragon—and to save London from destruction.

How will an 18th- century couple, teaming with the Hero-king Beowulf of mythological legend, be able to overcome a fire-breathing dragon to save London?

Dragon Beware! A time-traveling warrior out of mythology landing in Regency England combines forces with a young couple to defeat the rampant, fire-breathing dragon.

To all my WordPress friends, I surely would appreciate your feedback and comments on ANYTHING I’ve posted.









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